From just a single asset to hundreds of machines and from a single factory to world wide operation, PlantRun systems can be scaled to provide a cost effective solution.

PlantRun systems are based upon one of four base levels which is then custom configured to provide a ready to run solution to match your exact requirements.

Each level builds upon the previous levels, so for instance, a level 3 system includes all of the functionality of the level 1 & 2 systems.

Level 1 - Machine Utilisation

Gives you accurate real-time information on the run stop status of your machines.

  Live factory floor status display Asset based machine utilisation reports
  Utilisation KPI          
Large format shop floor display options
  SMS, email & audible alert options Viewstation & Workstation options

Level 2 - Downtime Capture

Gives you accurate downtime information for your machines and the reasons for it.

  DTM Operator terminal at each asset

Interlock to enforce reason entry

  Down time reason capture


Asset based down time analysis

  Asset based downtime reports

Asset based production totals/reports

  Asset View and Group View analysis

Operator tracking

Level 3 - OEE and Production tracking

Adds OEE and Production tracking functionality.

  Dynamic OEE capture Operator / crew tracking
  Product & batch traceability  
Manual / auto shift patterns                      
  OEE by asset / operator / product / batch Display Node factory floor KPI displays
  MS Access or SQL database Target machine speeds

Level 4 - ERP / MRP / MIS integration

Exchange data with third party packages, integrate recipes and improve maintenance effectiveness.

  Recipe integration                      MRP - Exchange production schedules
  Preventive maintenance alerts    Process measurements

Level 5 - Multi Site Solution

Link global operations to improve interoperability and collaboration

  Centralised server      
Operational Intelligence Dashboard
  Site level data concentrators