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liLife Technologies Inc., the worldwide leader in DNA typing solutions is improving manufacturing efficiency with a PlantRun production status display system at its site in Warrington, UK.

The system counts product on a packaging line and displays a live view of production status including target output, actual output and deviation on an overhead screen in the production area.

production status display

Colours and graphics are used as visual cues to highlight production status and inform and motivate staff.

A screen based form allows the user to enter the target number of products to be manufactured, the target manufacturing time, as well as the target performance level limits.

Facilities also include real time and historic trending for a graphical representation of production rate.

The system was supplied ready to use, to an agreed specification with short lead time of under three weeks. An optical sensor for product counting and a wide screen monitor were included as a complete package.

Life Technologies Inc. as of 2011, had sales of $3.7 billion, employed a workforce of approximately 11,000, and markets over 50,000 products.