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melogoMarley Eternit, formerly John Brash, is the largest timber roofing batten provider in the UK.
The company has installed a PlantRun OEE system to monitor a range of assets at its Gainsborough, UK site including Microtec Goldeneye Scanner infeed and outfeed stackers, Ledinek Moulder infeed and outfeed, Stenner Saws and Preservative Treatment Plant.

Standard and custom options were ordered to increase functionality. These include;

Saw Blade Tracking

A display on the system shows the current saw blades on each asset and their associated running times. Each time a saw blade is changed, the saw blade details, including time that the blade has run for, is recorded into a database. These details can then be reviewed through a printed report over any time period.

Slow Speed Running

This facility allows the user to define target rates for the minimum speed at which each Asset should run. PlantRun monitors asset speed and provides a visual indication if an asset is running below target using green/amber colour change. During periods of slow speed running the operator can enter a reason for the slow speed running, which is recorded and available for later analysis.

Display Nodes

Display Node hardware allows any large screen TV, monitor or projector to display information in production, meeting and rest areas to inform and motivate staff. Displays can show any information generated by the system including production progress KPI’s, engineer calls and even your own custom messaging such as health and safety or employee of the month.

SMS Text Alerts

The system was supplied with SMS modem that enables the system to send text messages to maintenance engineers mobile phones to alert when any asset requires attention. This speeds up response times to breakdowns to minimise stoppages and production losses. Engineers can be called straight from the dedicated function key on the asset operator interface which means that the operator does not need to leave the production area. The SMS facility allows levels of escalation to unattended calls and prioritisation of assets etc.

Email Timed Reports

As well as allowing alerts to be sent be email this option enables the generation and emailing of timed reports so that staff that attend regular production meetings automatically receive the reports they need which can save considerable wasted time and effort.

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